Blueridge Electrical have experience in Residential Houses, Custom Homes ,Multifamily Townhouses, Apartments , Condominiums. We provide electrical and security services to New construction an Renovations Projects . For us job size doesn't matter, We provide Every Electrical/technical solutions from ground to skyrocketing high rise buildings. We are Specialized in Home Automation.



Blueridge Electrical also committed to provide Commercial Electrical solution to their customers . We have experience in Underground parked, Parking Lots, Truck Yards , Retail Shops, Offices , Warehouses , Restaurants, Café, Pizza shops, beauty salons, Physician clinics , Street Lighting , etc. We can replace old lighting and install new LEDs lights anywhere.



Blueridge Electrical also have solutions for Industrial Electrical needs. We also provide maintenance services for Shopping Malls and factories .



Blueridge Electrical provide all electrical and technical solutions to all our customer's needs. We are Specialized in Custom Homes and Multifamily Buildings. Our services are Mentions below but not limited to .

  • Whole Building/House Electrical wiring and installation for New Construction and Renovation Projects.
  • Home Automation Solutions( Control4, Lutron, Etc. )
  • Lighting Control, Home Control.
  • Fire Alarm
  • Service Upgrade or maintenance .
  • Home Security Alarm and Monitoring.
  • Property Surveillance with CCTV.
  • Intercom/Door bells.
  • Networking Solutions, Like better data/wireless network throughout whole property.
  • Home Audio/Video Solutions. like Home Theater setup or Speaker setup , Video distribution and etc.
  • Central Vacuum Solutions ( Retractable or Regular)
  • Solar Panels installations .


Blueridge Electrical provide almost every electrical/technical services in Commercial field also. Our services are mentioned below .

  • Lighting Control for any Space
  • Power Solutions
  • Fire Alarm
  • Networking Solutions for any Building.
  • CCTV for Building.
  • Security for Building.
  • Commercial Retail Unit's wiring , lighting and equipment installation.
  • Power Upgrading with required Voltage and consumption needs .
  • Offices for professionals.
  • Medical clinics.
  • Warehouses and Bay Lighting Solutions
  • Gym
  • Beauty Salons, Hair Dressing Shops
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Pizza Places, Etc.
  • Street Lighting, Parking Lots , Underground Parked .
  • And more etc.
  • Shopping Malls .
  • Retail Shops.
maintaince electrical


Blueridge Electrical known Industrial/ Maintenance field from very closely. We provide Services for this field as mentioned below.

  • Equipment Troubleshoot
  • Lighting Solution
  • New Machines setup
  • Motor Control
  • Fire Alarm
  • Power Distribution
  • New wiring or replace existing old wiring
  • and Etc.


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